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Action Kennel change in ownership; introducing, "Ralston Valley Canine"

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

(12/1/2021) Action Kennel is under new ownership. We are a family owned and operated business, and we are excited to be here! We are working hard to make improvements in accommodations and training options for your dog as well as administrative infrastructure changes and facility updates. Please pardon our dust! We estimate gradual changes to be ongoing through 2022 and 2023 with careful consideration of our furry guests. Please note that this facility is no longer boarding cats; we love cats, but our mission is to focus on your dog's quality care and training, and we needed the extra space to do it right.

To Action Kennel's loyal customers, we are happy to announce that we are changing our name to Ralston Valley Canine, making facility and operations improvements, and that we have thoughtfully selected certain existing and new staff to be a part of our growing team. We kindly thank and acknowledge the previous owners of Action Kennel who after 30 years decided to pursue new opportunities. Your new owners are Ted and Tiffany Terroux who are passionate about dogs and bring over 40 years in professional dog training and kennel operations experience.

What kinds of changes? We're glad you asked!
  • we added Board & Train services

  • family owned and operated (owners have over 40 years kennel operations and professional dog training experience)

  • veterinary technician resides on the kennel property (and works for the kennel) and performs nightly kennel bedtime checks

  • ALL staff certified in canine First Aid & CPR, and trained in safe handling and constructive interaction with dogs

  • elevated Kuranda® dog beds for every guest, all sizes

  • climate, temperature, and fire monitoring systems

  • installed a generator to provide power to the facility the event of a power failure

  • installed video surveillance system monitored by owners and management of interior and exterior dog runs and play yards 24/7 (we do not have doggie cams for individual customer use)

  • expanded hours of operation

  • thoroughly clean facility including HVAC air duct cleaning and water heaters and HVAC equipment replacement

  • installed commercial-grade evaporative cooling system providing ongoing fresh-air exchange in warmer months

  • remodeled grooming shop facility with updated equipment

  • remodeled kitchen with new appliances

  • remodeled lobby

  • upgraded all lighting with LED fixtures

  • addition of play-yard enrichment and yard expansion

  • replaced perimeter fencing with secure fencing and rollers to humanely prevent jump-overs

  • added perimeter security gates

  • operations changes that facilitate a calmer kennel; thoughtful behavioral approaches to lodging, and expansion of policies and protocols to promote a safer and higher quality environment for animals, clients, and our employees

  • administrative changes including online registration capability, streamlined check-in, expanded communication, cloud-based scheduling, and secure records management

  • design and implementation of a comprehensive emergency action plan shared with local authorities, and rehearsed with RVC staff

Welcome to Ralston Valley Canine, we are happy-wagging that you are here!

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