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Isolation Recommendation Prior to Boarding

Will your dog be boarding with us within the next 2 weeks?  Our most local veterinarians agree that current media reports are over-hyped.  Nonetheless, you can help prevent the spread of canine viruses by following an isolation protocol prior to boarding.


Recommended 14 days of isolation protocol, prior to boarding:

  1. Your Dog should have no contact with other unknown dogs (or the stool and urine from other dogs) in public areas such as parks, dogs parks, day-cares, kennels, veterinary clinics, grooming shops, pet supply stores, neighborhood walks, fence-line encounters, etc. Exceptions can be made for those facilities that are also following an isolation protocol.

  2. Do not take your dog out into the public when known or suspected of showing symptoms of canine cough or canine influenza which may include cough, runny nose, fever, lethargy, eye discharge, diarrhea, or reduced appetite.

  3. Socialize your dog only with known dogs who have not had any public exposures themselves in the 14 days prior to having contact with your dog.

Our long history in the dog training and boarding business tells us that our isolation protocol works.  We've been enforcing our isolation protocol in our group puppy classes for 20 years, and recently, also in our mainstream classes for the past year and have had no incidents of disease transmission from our classrooms. 


To date, our kennel percentages for canine cough transmission are extremely low for a facility like this, and we would like to do even better!  Our staff is observant, experienced, performing random and select temperature checks, our vaccinations requirements are strict and enforced, we do not do group-dog play here, and we keep our facility clean and properly ventilated.

-Your Ralston Valley Canine management team


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