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Located in a lovely semi-rural setting in Arvada, Colorado.

Offering Boarding, Board & Train, Day-Boarding, and Grooming services.



  • Family owned and operated

  • Colorado training and boarding professionals for over 40 years

  • Facilities cleaned & disinfected daily and climate controlled

  • 24/7 video-monitoring by owners and management

  • Certified Veterinary Technician lives on site and performs bedtime checks

  • ALL kennel staff certified in canine First Aid & CPR and trained in safe handling and constructive interaction with dogs

  • Elevated orthopedic Kuranda® beds for every dog; all sizes

  • Play yards with safe enrichment opportunities

  • Generator provides power to the entire facility in the event of a power failure

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Rates  Boarding-only*

Daytime-Board & Play 
$36 / day
•    Incl
udes one Playtime/Buddy Time
•    Drop off as early as 8am and pick-up as late as 5pm (6pm Fridays)  No meals

Overnight Boarding
   $36 or $39 XL / night  (10% discount for 2nd dog), deposit required for peak period
•    Add-on Playtime/Buddy Time, Grooming

•    Check-out times later than Noon will be charged for the day ($36 or $39)

* "Boarding-only" means no training services

Reservations (Boarding-only)

Advance reservations are required.  Plan ahead for holidays and vacation times.  Call 303-423-2243 to make a reservation or complete our online boarding reservation form


Being that all of our guests are provided with their own private indoor/outdoor suite and are never left unattended with other dogs, an interview is not required. We accept all breeds and do not require your pet to be socialized with other dogs during their stay.  Boarders must be age 5mos or older.   Please review our Health Requirements before making a reservation, thank you.

How will my dog spend their time at RVC?

We know that your dog's comfort, safety, and overall experience are important to you.  Click the button below to learn more about every day care and amenities:


Important information:

Peak Periods and Holidays

Payment and Office Schedule for Boarding

Off-peak season - pay for boarding when you pick up your dog.

Peak Period - deposit required (cancelation policy)

Booking during a Peak Period or Holiday?  Call us first to find out if we have space available 303-423-2243

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Board and Train

Board & Train

Our specialty!  Board your dog with us and let us do the training.


We know that for training to stick it must be maintained, generalized, and proofed.  Training is a cooperative endeavor between your dog, your dog's trainer, and you!  We will work to establish trust, familiarity with basics, then work to strengthen those skills with the immediate and longer term goal of building reliability in the following:​

bnt services badge.png

Why choose Board & Train?

Interest—you have already decided that you want board & train but you may not yet know about all of the options that are available to you.  Timeyou are going on vacation or will be out of town for a while and this would be the perfect time to work on your dog's training, while you're away.  You might have a young dog who needs to get up to woofs on their training skills or you might like us to brush up and maintain training skills that you have already worked hard to install.  Ability—you feel like your dog has become a greater challenge than you know how to deal with, you may feel unable to physically handle the dog, or perhaps you have come to realize that you have little interest in doing the training yourself and/or going to group classes.  Consistency—you may feel like you will not be able to follow through with training classes and that members of the household will likely not follow the "rules" necessary to help set the training.  We can help!


In our Full, four-week Board & Train program, we will identify a set of skills and foundation aimed at prevention and directly addressing current issues, adding thoughtful and effective controls that take into account your dog's individual health and genetics, make consideration of the underlying antecedents (the conditions or factors that lead to a behavior) that have served as reinforcers and influence your dog's behavior, and factor in your dog's experiences as well as their current skillset  We'll help you with common nuisance behaviors like jumping on guests and countertops, mouthing, pulling on the leash, and more. . .  These are issues that will also be managed within your home using the tools that we will teach you how and when to use.  Developing these tools to help you create and manage behavior, this is where we come in!

At our facility, our trainer will work with your dog within a pre-discussed and approved-by-you plan, schedule private sessions with you and your dog (including a follow-up session), and after completion of the program, discounted entrance into our AKC Canine Good Citizen group class.

Molly training dog at rvc_edited.jpg
lobby photo.jpg


All dogs are beautifully unique and learn at their own individual pace.  As needed, we are flexible and fair in our approach to help your dog along their learning journey, all the while working to maintain a healthy balance of mind and body in your dog throughout the program.  While it is enjoyable and assuring to have a well-trained dog, we embrace the importance of building and maintaining a positive and trusting relationship between your dog, you  (and your family) and your dog's trainers.

No use of highly aversive tools or techniques; no shock collars, e-collars, or pinch collars.  Our promise to you is transparency in our methods, safe handling and operation and ongoing support for you and your dog.  In the kennel we work diligently to maintain a controlled environment so that dogs do not become stressed.  This helps our staff stay balanced, too!  A training kennel can offer more stability than a typical boarding-only facility in that dogs stay longer, become familiar with the environment and staff, and are worked with regularly and rewarded for making good choices. 

Doing Your Part. . . in a board & train program:

If you are approved for this program, we will require your support and your commitment to taking instruction from us on how to maintain and build on the training.  Is our board & train the right fit for you, your dog, and for us?  We begin with a conversation about your goals, your dog(s), your ability to participate in the program and maintain training, and what we believe is realistically achievable, given the individual circumstances.  Training and maintenance of training expectations must be fair and realistic for all involved.

Important information:

Rates  Boarding + Training

Daytime-Board, Play & Train (current or previous training clients,  pre-approval required)

  • $55 / day

  • Includes one 30-45 min. training session + one Playtime/Buddy Time

  • Drop off as early as 8am and pick-up as late as 5pm (6pm Fridays)  No meals

Overnight Board & Train (current or previous training clients,  pre-approval required)

Our "a la carte" option

  • $36 / night boarding + $45 for each training session desired

  • Select which days during your dog's stay that you would like us to train your dog (limit one 30-45min training session per day  / no training on Sundays)

  • 10% discount for second dog (using same suite)

Full Board & Train program

 $2,295 / 4 weeks

  • Boarding/Training + Playtimes/Buddy Times + Departure Grooming + 3 private sessions

  • Canine Good Citizen class, and ongoing support even long after your dog exits the program

  • Advance consultation required

Let's get started!

Call or email us to speak to one of our training managers to help you determine if a Board & Train program is appropriate for your dog, and your current goals and needs.

Get started


Come in and see our renewed grooming shop and meet our groomers: Alisha, Amber, Kat, and Janine.


Grooming by Appointment:  (call for pricing 303-423-2243)

  • Full Groom (cut & style to your preference)

  • Bath & Brush, price varies by breed, size, length of coat, and condition of coat

  • Nail Trim

  • Ear cleaning, Teeth cleaning, Anal gland expression

Bath, Brush & Nails at conclusion of Boarding or Board & Train:

  • If you request grooming at the end of your boarding stay, you will not pay for boarding for that day, only the cost of grooming

  • Bath & Brush (and nails) automatically included at conclusion of a four-week Board & Train stay


Call for information and appointment 303-423-2243

Current Vaccinations Required.

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