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The overall Health and Safety of your dog is very important to us.  We require all boarders to have the specific vaccinations listed below to provide the best prevention of serious contagious illness in the kennel.  If your dog appears to be unhealthy upon check in we reserve the right to request that you have your dog given a full exam by a veterinarian before entering our kennel.  We use hospital grade disinfectants to ensure clean and sanitized facilities.  Dogs are carefully observed, and their appetites and stools are monitored daily.  If any medical concerns arise, we will contact your regular veterinarian as soon as possible and act promptly on their advice.  Emergency care and transportation are provided if needed.



All dogs must be current on all vaccinations and be in good health.  Updated vaccine records must be emailed, faxed or presented prior to arrival.  We will accept antibody titer testing in place of vaccination or a letter of exemption from your veterinarian, if tested/examined within the last 12 months.

Dogs must have current:


Distemper, Parvo, Parainfluenza (DP-P)

Kennel Cough (Bordetella)

Please note that typical Bordetella full immune response does not occur until about 72hrs after administering (oral or intra-nasal; injectable takes ~ 5 to 7 days for immunity) and the vaccine is only effective for about 6 months.  If your dog needs the Bordetella vaccine, we invite you to call local Homeward Bound Animal Hospital and take advantage of their special Ralston Valley Canine Exam + Bordetella only $38!  Existing clients can call for the Bordetella vaccine only.


Homeward Bound Animal Hospital


7521 Indiana St, Arvada, CO 80007

Leptospirosis vaccine recommended but not required; we will follow your individual veterinarian recommendations.

Ralston Valley Canine follows a strict vaccination protocol, but please acknowledge that no amount of vaccination requirement, sanitation or personalized care can prevent dogs from contracting an airborne virus or communicable disease.  We use hospital grade, yet animal friendly disinfectants and cleaning products that will kill 99.9% of all bacteria/viruses.  We have also installed electronic air filtration in our HVAC system along with UV lighting to help reduce airborne contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, and molds.


Medication must be brought in its original prescription container from the prescribing veterinarian with clearly visible printed label on the container.  Place all prescription containers together inside of a plastic container/baggie, clearly labeled with your dog’s name (first & last) , name of medication(s) and dosage information.  Special medication requirements may be subject to an additional charge.  Supplements must be in their original packaging and be accompanied by a signed form, Human Food and Non-Prescription Medication Release.  A record will be kept of the administration of each dose to your dog.  Please bring a few extra doses in case the pick up date changes!


Elderly Dogs and Dogs with Special Medical Needs

Ralston Valley Canine may board an elderly dog on a case-by-case basis.  Diabetic dogs and those with significant chronic medical problems are recommended to be boarded with your veterinarian.  In the event that our team agrees to board your elderly pet, additional contracts and medical decisions will be required.  Extra care fees may be assessed depending on your pets individual needs.  Please call ahead to discuss your dogs needs at 303-423-2243.


We recommend that you bring your own dog's food to help maintain your dog's digestive routine.  We know that some dogs simply prefer the same food they get at home and some dogs require a specialized diet.  Be sure to tell us about food preferences and sensitivities when you register!  If you would prefer, we are happy to provide your dog's food for you.  We offer a quality food and have some flexibility for providing comparable ingredients to your dog's regular diet.  All dogs are fed twice daily unless otherwise requested.

Dry dog foods

Kirkland Signature:  Lamb, Rice & Vegetable

Kirkland Nature’s Domain:  Grain Free Turkey and Sweet Potato

Kirkland Healthy Weight:  Chicken & Vegetable

Canned dog foods - can be added in small amounts to encourage appetite

(Nature’s Domain Turkey and Pea Stew)



Outdoor Play time, $8 per 30 minutes, per dog

Stuffed Kong® lightly filled with treats, $3 per 1 session per dog per afternoon

Buddy Time - a staff member, who your dog feels comfortable with, will spend 20min, 1x1 time with your dog; customized to your individual dog's preference, such as:  hanging out together, sniff 'n snoop, play fetch, walk on-leash around the property, pet & snuggle, play a puzzle together, and a departing treat (limit 1 session per day), $7 per 20min per dog


Labor Intensive medication, $1 per application (eye meds, ear drops, ointments).  Pill or suspension medication are included in your boarding fee.

Bath & Brush $30 and up, varies by dog (size of dog, length of coat, condition of coat);  nail trim, $10

Personal Toys and Bedding

Personal Toys and Bedding

Many dogs show little or no interest in toys or other personal items brought from home due to the excitement around them.  You are welcome to bring such items, but we ask that you keep them to a minimum and understand that we are not responsible for their return or the condition of the item if returned.  All dogs are provided with clean and comfortable bedding and blankets that can be easily sanitized.  Using kennel provided bedding prevents loss or damage to items brought from home.  


All owner provided bedding must fit into a standard washing machine.  We sanitize all runs daily and launder all bedding in order to keep our boarders in a clean and healthy environment. 


A moderate amount of treats may be left for your dog and they will be given daily at an appropriate time.  We do not accept owner provided feeding- or water-dishes, as these are required to be sanitized between every meal.

No natural bones and no rawhides; Nylabones are okay.  Durable canvas and firehose material toys containing no stuffing are preferred; no more than 3 toys please!  Remember, if we cannot fit your dog's bedding into our washer machine, then it cannot be sanitized.  If you do supply your dog's own blanket or bedding, please label these items with your dog's first and last name, using an indelible ink.  Because we wash items often, and dogs may damage things during boarding, we cannot be responsible for any damaged or missing items.

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