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No artificial chew-bones of this shape in the kennel

We are no longer accepting this artificial bone-shape to be left with a dog in their kennel run. This decision was made after consideration of dog safety and liability. The manufacturer decreased the size of the holes -- which is a good thing; however, there are still older varieties on the market and in households. To avoid confusion and hazard, we have chosen to not allow them at all, for the time being, until possible future reconsideration.

We offer other options like the Y-shaped, or Kong enrichment, and you are welcome to bring your own dog's artificial bone, but it cannot be of this shape. Generally speaking, be aware that while artificial bones can be a good enrichment opportunity (a time passer, something to focus on, and a potential stress reliever), they can also be a dental hazard (cracked teeth) for some aggressive chewers, especially if the bone is so hard that you cannot leave a fingernail mark in it.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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